The NGO stands for Non- Governmental Organizations. It plays major role in the international
development and it performs a wide range of services that is aimed for working out with the
wellbeing as well as social welfare. These organizations work for the developments and try to
bring out the positive changes in the society. The NGO would have different structures and
Here are some of the common types of NGO orientation that are categorized below

1) Meeting the needs of poor – Charitable trust

This scheme provides the basic needs and requirements for the people as like the food, clothing
and the other materials. It is designed for meeting out the needs and helping the people from the

2) Participatory orientation

Under this kind of NGO the basic and local residents who are being observed and they are
allowed to actively take part in the implementation of new projects.

3) Service oriented

This type of service would contain the different vital services as like the medical, education,
family planning and the other assistance world.

4) Empowering

It is used for dedicating the empowering to deal with the economical, social and political issues.
Categories of NGO

  • International
  • National
  • Community based organizations
  • City wide organizations

The NGO renders the significant role in the today’s society. It is usually funded up with the other
organizations through donations that might rely heavily based on the volunteers. The benefits

  • They would have the ability for experimenting freely with the innovative approaches to
    meet the risks.
  • They are flexible in adapting out the local situation for meeting the local needs therefore
    through that you can develop the integrated projects.
  • They have the ability for communicating at the different levels.

What is the role of NGO?

The community based organization would acquire and do the needful in maintaining the
infrastructure for the wellness and public activities. They support for developing the building
materials and the supply centres and in many cases they would do help for meeting the technical
assistance that is received from the governmental agencies or NGO’s. The NGO has the
advantage of selecting the particular places. They would support to overcome from some
shortcomings that the government faces in this respects. It acts as a pilot for the larger
government’s project through virtue of their ability.
The NGO’s makes use of the interpersonal skills for communicating and to study out the right
entry points whereby it helps for gaining out the trust of the community that they seek. They
would provide the good idea of the feasibility of the projects that they take up. The significant
role to the government is to communicate to the policy making levels and this facilities upwards
that is from people to the government and downwards from government to the people. It acts as
unique positions for sharing out the information horizontal networking process to be carried out
between the organizations while doing similar works.