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NGO is an acronym for non-governmental organizations; it is neither the government nor a profit-making organization. However, NGOs play an important role in society. In the article, you shall come across everything that you need to know about the NGO. Even though NGOs are not a part of government organizations, they could be funded by the government, companies, businesses, etc. If you wish to support the cause, you could play slotpg online so as not to hurt your finances. 

You may have heard that an NGO came up and raised its voice against some injustice, political agenda, etc. Yes, that’s the purpose and aim of the NGO. It is possible to say that they are the watchdogs of society. The NGO members are ordinary people who wish to bring about change in the prevailing social, political, cultural, religious systems, etc. NGOs carry out the most difficult task of analyzing the society and taking a step towards creating awareness, bringing out change, etc. Let’s begin with knowing the importance of NGOs.

Importance of NGO-

You are a responsible citizen, and so you need to know why NGOs are important. Let’s begin the journey towards enlightenment.

  • The NGOs can question the government, society and try addressing the shortcomings of the society.
  • They strive towards the greater common good irrespective of all the struggles and difficulties.
  • NGO enables people to take voluntary responsibility for making a progressive society.
  • They also educate people about the importance of social work. It promotes the thought that, citizens as a member of the society shoulder the responsibility of smooth functioning of the society.
  • They can pressurize the government and enforce change.
  • It makes people accountable for their acts. Several NGOs carry out different campaigns of cleanliness, blood donation, etc.
  • The rights of the people are secured because of the existence of NGOs.

You surely must be overwhelmed with the kind of work and responsibility the NGOs share. However, it is not enough to applaud and keep receiving the good. All the citizens must be involved with some of the other kinds of NGOs. Let’s know the steps of setting up one so that, in the future, if you wish to initiate one, you know the basics.

How to set up? –

Setting up an NGO is not a task, but running it is surely. However, the joint efforts can be extremely fruitful for society at large.

  • Every society is founded with a purpose and goal. You need first to decide the cause of setting up the NGO.
  • You need to have a board of directors, and so, you should have those many members willing to work for the cause.
  • Name your NGO. It should be representative of the cause.
  • You should also have articles of association, and the next step is to register the NGO.
  • However, you will need funds for running and meeting the purpose of the NGO.
  • You need to promote the NGO and have a network that shall benefit society.

The NGO has the responsibility of speaking on behalf of society and taking the public message ahead. It has the flair to influence government policies and laws.