At present, the majority of people do hear the term “NGO “which stands for Non-Governmental
Organization. The major activity of this organization is to improve the lives of people via social
welfare developments. They do many non-profitable services for people to make some effective
and positive social changes. If you do check on NGO types there are only two types available

  • Operational NGO’s
  • Advocacy NGO’s

Operational NGOs – these NGOs mainly focus on development projects that are established
based on locality laws.
Advocacy NGOs – these NGO’s do focus on some certain cases that prevails as a big issue in
society and promote their causes.
Apart from these types, there are NGOs that incorporate functions of both NGO’s types they get
involved in all types of service works and do the focus of social welfare focus too. These NGOs
do work in different areas which include.

  • Emergency relief
  • International health education
  • Women’s rights
  • Children’s right
  • Environmental advocacy
  • Disaster preparation
  • Economic development

Likewise, the still list goes on continues, all these are common NGO works which is applicable
and done by the majority of NGO’s. However, if you check on to the category basis the NGO’s
are majorly categorized into,

  • BINGO – Big international NGO’s
  • INGO – Internation NGO’s
  • ENGO – National environmental NGO’s
  • Community-Based NGO’s
  • RINGO – Religious based NGO’s

In all the above-mentioned category only the laws and regulations get different rest all other
works, roles and responsibilities remain common.

How the NGO’s are funded?

As these are Non-Government Organization, they are usually funded with donations, loans from
the government as well as personalized offers, grants from well-wishers, and membership dues.
Beyond all these, the NGO do get funded from government organizations and non-government
organizations without having any down in their status. In many cases, some international NGOs
do get international funds for welfare too.
All these funds are not directly approached to the servicing NGO’s the volunteers make that
happen by trying their hard to meet the people for requirements and get them without missing out
the opportunity.

Roles of NGO volunteers:

There are several NGO’s are active nationally and internationally in different categorize and
different sectors were some of the common NGOs are environmental NGO’s i.e., Greenspace,
natural resources, welfare Maintenance, and a lot more. However, the volunteer roles play a vital
strength to all NGO’s, this is because starting from fieldwork till fund collections a volunteer
takes part with full efficiency only then the work get succeeds. During those process, a volunteer
undergo several things which may break them to the core and do risk their lives but they do cross
all hurdles.
In some cases, a volunteer should arrange for meetings with reputed persons, or organize
empowerment, service-oriented camps, and programs such as medical, educational camps,
awareness programs, and a lot more. Even NGO do help on organization working issues and
faults occurred there. On whole being an NGO volunteer is quite a big deal of responsibility in
the shoulder which always gives an in heart peace!