The Non-governmental organizations made their first ever appearance in the middle of
nineteenth century just after the Second World War. The main aim of these organizations was to
support the common people who suffered a major loss after the Second World War. From that
time non-governmental organizations started developing across the world and helps in the
development of the society and the people. The NGO would mainly run on donations and
charities given by the people.
Some of the non-governmental organizations also have the partnership with various government
organizations, public firms, or even private companies. These organizations not only help in
strengthening the Canvas of civil societies but also it helps in reducing the existing status gap.

What are the various roles of the Non-governmental organizations?

The growth of the country cannot be able to reach the every level of the society, and so the Non-
governmental organizations take some significant steps to reach out the grass root level and
would help them to have a better life by their own development.
The responsibilities of a non-governmental organization stop only by helping to the poor
people, but also they have an important role to solve many social issues like children and women
trafficking, education of the children, giving proper medical care to the physically or mentally
disabled people and also in many other activities.

The following are the significant roles of a Non-governmental organization:

  • The non-governmental organizations help in resolving community issues and also play a
    managerial role in the society.
  • These organizations would involve citizens in making a public decision and so that the
    final outcome can be accepted by everyone in the society.
  • They address and also express the needs, interests, as well as desire of the community
    groups in front of the certain authorities.NGO plays a significant role in helping people
    who are in need of basic necessities due to poverty or because of some natural calamity.
  • They help to intermediate the relationship between the citizens and various official
  • They help in promoting diversity, humanity, and tolerance in the society.
  • They also would help in strengthening the social, ethnic, cultural, and religious ethics.
  • Non-governmental organizations motivate the citizens to speak for their own rights and to
    take necessary initiatives for their own good.
  • These organizations help in the advancement of science and technology as well.
  • These organizations also promote the expression of thought and creativity of mind in
    order to give the new dimensions to art and culture.
  • They also facilitate social as well as political integration of people in the society.
  • The non-governmental organizations identify various issues and problems existing in the
    society and would take necessary steps to solve them.
  • They also organize various programs and as well as conduct seminars to promote
    education, and to create general awareness among the people.

Thus these are the various roles of the non-governmental organization, which mainly help to
develop the society and its people.