Since a very long time, NGOs have played a very important and crucial role in developing every nation. It is not only the social sector in which the end-user has made significant development but also in the economic and political sectors. They may not directly affect the economic and political factors, but they indirectly impact them.


In the beginning stages, NGOs were not funded adequately, but now the picture has completely changed. In every nation, the NGOs are financed through national and international people and organizations. With adequate support and a financial system, the organizations play a crucial role in developing the country’s social sector. After all, society is the base of every nation’s development, and when society is developed, every other sector is developed.


Some important roles


As NGOs are highly diversified nowadays, they do have diversified roles as well. It is not only one dimension in which NGOs function but many. In order to be well aware of regarding necessary details about NGOs, you should know the essential roles that are played by NGO in the development of society. We are going to mention some of the most important ones among them in the forthcoming points so that you can fill up your blanks of knowledge regarding the developmental roles of NGOs.


  • Looking at a broader picture, NGOs can increase government accountability towards the people of society. There are many actions taken by the government, but no accountability is provided to the people, and in such cases, society is unaware of the development. NGOs provide a helping hand to the people of the community in knowing if the government’s actions are providing results or not.


  • Another most important role played by NGOs in society’s development is ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of services of the government to society. When government services are adequately supplied to the people, the organization is developed faster.


  • The NGO is a highly flexible mechanism compared to the other rigid organizations of the government, which functions for the welfare of the people. These organizations pay attention to the sectors which are required to be developed in society, and they can provide their services accordingly.


  • You might be well aware of the fact that Community participation is essential in order to ensure the complete development of the society. When people do not participate in development actions, it would be next to impossible for society to be developed. These organizations make sure that each and every unit of society participates in achieving the common goal of social development.


Therefore, these are the important roles that are played by non-government organizations for the well-being of people and society.




All the actions are taken, and the NGOs’ work will be a long way in nation-building. They support social development along with each and every other sector. If you are also willing to change the conditions of lower sections of society, you can also join NGO and work for poor people.