The animals are the ones who are the most beautiful creatures of God, these are the creatures who cannot speak, but they can show their love and affection with their loyalty. There are several stray dogs in the worst conditions as people intentionally hurt them and try to kill them for fun. in this situation, the NGOs will be there at their rescue.


Several NGOs are making sure that stray dogs can stay in better conditions and make sure that they are adopted by a reliable family so that they can get a new home that is safer and loving. Several NGOs are running for the betterment of the stray dogs; some of them are elaborated below, along with the services provided by them. Read out the details below:-


Several animal rescue organizations are mentioned below:-

  1. Animal Aid Unlimited:-

The animal aid unlimited is an NGO that is Indian, and it is running the hospital and sanctuary for the injured or sick street animals. The employees are rescuing several animals and making sure that they are getting better aura to heal faster.


  1. Sochi Dogs:-

The Sochi Dogs is an NGO that was founded in 2014; it is serving and rescuing the stray dogs and the abandoned dogs with the help of their adoption program. The best part is they are running educational campaigns to serve people with education regarding animal protection so that there will be a fall in animal injuries.


  1. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:-

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a charity that operates in the UK, and they are promoting the kind treatment for animals and wildlife. So that there will be a reduction in the animal hunt, and they can live peacefully. The RSPCA also has TV campaigns where they elaborated regarding the things against animal cruelty, and they work in Europe, Asia, and Africa.


  1. Humane Society International:-

Humane Society International is the world’s leading NGO that is making sure that the animals are going to have a better future. This is the organization that is working and saving more than 100 million animals that are suffering in the labs globally. They are putting endless efforts to put a stop on animal sports like bullfighting and racing. So that the animals will not get any harm, and they are supporting the laws for the protection and comfort of animals.


  1. Best Friends Save Them All:-

The Best Friends Save Them All is an NGO working in five US regions to help homeless pets and take care of them and nurture them. The best friends focus on saving animal lives via pet adoption features so that every animal, especially dogs, can get home, which will be safer than streets along with love and essential things. The Non-profit offers a long-term sanctuary for the animals like dogs, unable to get rehomed.