Whenever people heard the term NGO they rush out in excitement and it is mainly the NGO that
has reached and spread all over the world for good cause to mankind. But still many people do
only know the term “NGO” beyond that majority of people remain unaware of what is for the
organization? What is their role and how they work? Likewise, still, the doubts and questions
keeps on continue. So here is the answer to clear all your queries about ngos.

What are ngos and their types?

The NGO is nothing but a non- governmental organization that neither comes in government as
well as a profitable organization. It is purely a nonprofit organization that claims to work for
people and social welfare. Even here the works are split up based on category and its type.
Although there are several types of organization teams available all are comes unto two major
types that operational and advocacy. Where the operational team focuses on development
programs and the advocacy team would concentrate on several organizational issues.
However, if you check on their roles all ngos remain the same where volunteers work hard to
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Why should people do join the NGO team?

In the present day the majority of people especially youngsters do show more interest to get
joined in a Non-profitable organization team to work. Many can also wonder, some may even
think it is a big mistake. But in reality, working in an NGO team is a real challenge work for
people who are eagerly taken by youngsters. However, there is a huge job satisfaction here there
are also some other solid reasons which made people join the NGO team.

  • Social contribution – Being a volunteer in any non-profitable organization team and so
    active work it helps you lot to do some positive and effective work contribution to the
    social growth and development which in turn makes you work on your passion.
  • Improve employable skills in you – When you joined in any NGO team and started to
    work, you are working for an organization. There you require certain essential skills like
    accounting, financing, funds distribution, punctuality, team co-operation, teamwork,
    leadership quality, research, fundraise, and lot more. All these skills would help a lot to
    increase employable qualities in you.
  • Professional development – In an NGO organization you are supposed to attend or
    organize the meetings to reach goals. This helps you in the future where your
    professional skills are developed to meet the requirements.
  • Big strategy and network – By entering into any NGO organization people can come to
    they do have a very big network for working which includes national and international
    supports. The strategy they follow also quite big which usually follows a plan, design
    approach on a large scale. This makes to gain some goon known people contact as well as
    strategic planning skills.

In addition to all these reasons when you work in any organization people do get high job
satisfaction and self-motivation this makes their even better one!