NGOs aren’t new to anybody socially active. We have seen several activists, conservation enthusiasts and even eager youth acting for saving and developing several economic and environmental issues. Have we ever thought, if they are Non-Government Organizations, where do they get the funds? How do they manage to connect such a mob? Unknown to us, many among our friend circle and peers contribute for the better. If you want to step up to lend a helping hand, explore forth how and what to do.


How Do NGOs Connect In Society?

The functioning of an NGO isn’t fixed when the aspect of welfare looms in. The help and social benefit could be any form to any community. Almost every country has NGO systems where some of the functions devoid of complete government help are bridged by these miraculous workers.


  1. Elderly Help: NGOs extend help to senior and retired citizens with free services and residential facilities. Constructing housing complexes or hospitals, especially for them, reduces the financial burden. Old Age Homes and retirement villages are also included in the schemes.
  2. Poor And Deficit: The weaker section of society deprived of proper food and housing get affected and turn out to stay on the streets. Their empty plates and dim hutments are often enlightened through different programs and donation campaigns conducted by NGOs.
  3. Children and Disabled: Orphanages or mid-day meals, even the poor educational facilities are also replenished and splashed colourful through their exciting efforts. Painting the schools, providing books and stationery or arranging for transport, undoubtedly their unseen hands are always playing the rigid back.
  4. Disaster Hit Regions: Calamities like floods, earthquakes or landslides don’t prioritize or forget anyone. During the tough times, the selfless heroes of NGOs have helped the victims by providing medicines, food and essentials. Their presence has been a branched helping mode to the hard-working government and the frontline workforce on the scene.
  5. Rights And Law: An NGO doesn’t only come into the picture during the need of help. They are always there to protect the ethical rights of every citizen and nature. For educational rights, sexual harassment, workplace burdens and the illegal poaching of animals, they raise awareness and safeguard to help the affected seeking justice.


Any time noble help, the NGOs are ever ready to step for the cause. They are usually funded by socially enthusiastic people, established organizations, several business sectors, or sometimes the government.


How Can You Connect To A NGO?

If you are also willing to join them for help, you should probably start with an NGO internship. It is easy to access and the best way to get to the NGO you want.


  • Working with the campaigns and activities develops the skills to work practically.
  • Multi-tasking and approaching different people would improve.
  • Internships are given for youngsters in their academic phase, or some also provide open registrations for everyone.
  • The NGO, if impressed with the work and the enthusiastic efforts of the interns, absorbs them as their member.


We have heard of famous NGOs like Goonj, ICRC Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders frequently used in search of emergency help or even in books and movies. As we are well educated about the NGOs, now is our role in helping them out.